Aim & Objectives

  • The main aim of our institute is to educate the young learners of rural area at par with those of developed and well facilitated urban people for a better and responsible citizen ship.
  • The school is a co-education institute and will provide education to both the sexes. There is no bar for admission.
  • The institution shall impart instructions to the students according to the latest scientific principles of the education including activity method.
  •  The institute shall try its best to make the character of the country strong by making the bright future of the children physical, active, mentally alert and morally upright.
  • It is also the sole aim of the institution to remove the untouchability and make special arrangements for the upliftments of the Schedule caste, backward classes and other people below poverty line.
  • The institution shall impart education to the poor children at concession rates/ free of cost as recommended by the Management of the School.
  • The brilliant and outstanding students of every field will be awarded annually or during the Annual Day of the Institution.